Anyone looking for a little style or flare in their mobility aid can't go wrong with a designer walking cane. We offer designer canes for women and men in a wide variety of colors and patterns including blue, bronze, green, gray, light blue, red, soft pink, and Bahama. Carex offset canes are designed to evenly distribute your weight to the base of the cane for consistent stability. When choosing a cane, you won't have to choose between style or support. Get both with this designer offset walking cane. 

  • A lightweight walking cane. Made of lightweight aluminum to offer a subtle base of support for those that lack strength. At just 11.2 ounces, this lightweight cane offers a functional source of support.
  • Added stability. When looking for a cane for walking support, stability is important. Offset cane handles are notorious for being stable and adding balance to the user. And with a 250 lbs weight capacity, this walking cane proves to be a solid source of support.
  • Adjustable for multiple heights. This cane is height adjustable from 29" to 38" to accommodate multiple user heights. Adjustment is easy with just the push of a single button.
  • Soft to the touch. Designer canes, by nature, are more luxurious canes. Designed with this in mind, the canes offset handle is wrapped in an ultra-soft rubber material for continuous comfort.
Qty available:100
Carex- Offset Designer Walking Cane, Red