Features: Gives your customer an offset option – the best seller Includes fashion pattern options – patterns not offered by Hurry Cane Customers like the 6 footed super big foot Better for customers that are uncomfortable with folding canes Each Super Big Foot Tip has a pattern that matches the cane Allows the fashion cane to stand on its own
  • High Fashion from Top to Bottom! Each cane includes a fashion cane with a tip featuring the same pattern
  • Choose from 5 fashion patterns that match your style and are a fashion accessory rather than a medical walking stick
  • Lightweight aluminum canes are height adjustable and feature an offset design with a soft foam handle
  • Super Big Foot Cane Tip will allow your cane to stand on it's own and makes it available to you when you are reaching for something at the store, eating dinner out on the town, or just relaxing at home in your favorite chair
  • Tip features 6 feet that grip the surface as you walk and a tip that flexes for maximum mobility
Qty available:100
Essential Medical Supply- Couture Offset Fashion Canes with Matching Super BigFoot Tip, Sunflower Style