• CLINICALLY PROVEN TO PREVENT MOST ATHLETE'S FOOT FUNGUS: Clinically proven to prevent most athlete’s foot infections, Lotrimin® AF Daily Prevention controls the growth of most fungus that causes tinea pedis, commonly known as athlete's foot.
  • KEEPS FEET DRY: Moisture can promote the growth of fungus, which can cause athlete’s foot. Lotrimin® AF Daily Prevention absorbs sweat and keeps feet dry.
  • FIGHTS ODOR: This Athlete's Foot Daily Prevention destroys odor.
  • CONTAINS TOLNAFTATE: clinically proven to prevent most Athlete's Foot fungus.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS OVER 2: Lotrimin® AF Daily Prevention can spray between toes.
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Lotrimin Daily Prevention AF Medicated Foot Powder, 3 Ounce