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  • HOMEOPATHIC RELIEF - The homeopathic ingredients in this spray relieve foot pain and calm shooting, stabbing, burning, and tingling sensations. Combined with beeswax, bergamot, camphor and eucalyptus oils which provide natural, cooling relief when needed most. An intense, moisturizing treatment developed for people suffering from severely dry, cracked, itchy, and sensitive skin. Helps soften calluses and eliminate cracks and fissures.
  • SAFE, PLANT-DERIVED TOPICAL - A great benefit of our spray is it does not interfere with other medications. A safe option for someone who is currently taking medication or wants to avoid medicines that can be harsh on the body.
  • EASY TO REACH THOSE HARD TO REACH PLACES - Designed with a continuous 360-degree spray. Now easy to apply from any angle and even upside down. Generously apply and massage into all surfaces of the feet, heels, toes and legs twice daily or as needed.
  • DEVELOPED WITH DIABETICS IN MIND - This spray is not made for diabetics alone, the formula is suitable for diabetic skin but may be used by anyone experiencing foot discomfort. Safe to use on sensitive areas between the toes and can also be used on legs and hands.
  • NOTHING ADDED BUT THE GOOD STUFF - Non-alcohol based with no added dyes, fragrances, petroleum or mineral oils. Specially formulated to absorb quickly to provide fast relief on the spot.
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MagniLife DB Pain Relieving Foot Spray Cooling Homeopathic Relief - 3 Oz
1425 1710

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