Silver Rod Pharmacy
6404 18th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Independently owned and proudly operated since 1927.

Our patients and prescribing physicians consistently recognize our decades of service and satisfaction.

Meeting the specialty pharmacy needs of Patients with Chronic Illness and Complex Medical Conditions.

Silver Rod Pharmacy has developed a prominent reputation as a leading independently owned specialty pharmacy in the greater Brooklyn / NYC area. During that time the practice of pharmacy has grown to include hundreds of high-tech medications and biological therapies required to meet the health care needs of our customers and prescribing physicians. These high-cost, hard-to-manage medications require a delivery model very different from traditional retail. Silver Rod Pharmacy now offers one of the largest, state-of-the-art specialty pharmacies in the area. Our clinical staff brings a new level of expertise to the delivery of injectable and other specialty pharmacy therapies.

Our Commitment

Silver Rod Pharmacy delivers high quality injectable, infused and select complex oral medications.

We maintain one of the largest on-hand inventories of these often hard to find medications and administration supplies in the area.

Our professional staff provides both in-depth expertise in the administration of these medications as well as the proper management of the patient's disease.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Specialty Services

Our staff works closely with each patient to guide them through often difficult therapy regimens. We help patients stay compliant and thereby obtain the best possible clinical outcomes. We are available to answer questions or to assist patients with emergent therapy issues.

-All Specialty Pharmacy Rx
-Patient Care Team
-Clinical Support with a Pharmacist
-Pro-active care management
-Reimbursement Specialists
-Same day ship to home/ office /suite
-Bilingual customer service
-SilverRodRx Disease specific
-Medication management programs