• No More "Ouch!": Pull off bandages and tape without discomfort. BandOff releases common bandage and tape adhesives, letting you easily take off hard-to-remove bandages while being gentle on your skin.
  • No More Sticky Residue: Say goodbye to the sticky residue left behind by adhesive bandages and tapes thanks to BandOff: The Bandage Remover. This spray doubles as a sticky residue remover, keeping your skin clean
  • No More Bruising: Protect sensitive skin from the bruising and pain of removing bandages. BandOff allows you to gently remove even the toughest bandage and tape adhesives. After all, healing shouldn't hurt!
  • No More Tears: Calm your child's fears with BandOff, which takes the tears out of bandage removal. The portable spray fits in your purse, so you can have the tear-free solution ready wherever you go
  • No More Pulled Hairs: Make bandage removal easy for the whole family. Whether you use it on your child or yourself, count on BandOff to remove even the stickiest bandages without painfully ripping out hairs.
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