Greens Blend: Organic Wheat Grass, Broccoli, Organic Kale, Parsley, Organic Alfalfa Sprouts, Organic Barley Grass, Blue Green Algae (Spirulina), Green Cabbage, Spinach. Reds Blend: Beet Root Juice, Organic Red Raspberry, Organic Cranberry, Organic Strawberry, Organic Carrot, Organic Blueberry, Organic Pomegranate, Organic Acai Fruit (Euterpe Oleracea), Organic Blackberry, Organic Cherry, Organic Black Raspberry, Organic Acerola Extract, Organic Apple, Organic Apple Pectin, Organic Banana, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Mango, Organic Papaya, Organic Peach, Organic Pear, Organic Pineapple, Organic Tomato, Organic Watermelon. Probiotic Blend: Probiotic Cultures CFU Including: L. Acidophilus, L. Rhamnosus, L. Brevis, L. Plantarum, B. Bifidum and B. Longum. Other Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice Powder, Maltodextrin, Oat Fiber, Guar Gum, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, and Silica.

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Country Farms Super Green Drink, Berry Flavor, 9.88 Oz