• 3 HEALTHY BENEFITS.* Culturelle Pro-Well 3-in-1 Complete helps support your health in three ways:* Heart Health: promotes heart health;* Digestive Health: helps your digestive system work better;* Immune Health: supports your natural immune response.*
  • PROBIOTICS: 10 billion live active cultures of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) – the #1 clinically studied probiotic, helps restore the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract.*
  • OMEGA-3s – Pro-Well 3-in-1 contains MEG-3 Omega 3 fish oil powder, which is concentrated for potency and naturally sourced from clean, Omega 3 rich ocean fish. Double-wall protection locks in the benefits of Omega-3 while locking out any unpleasant taste or odor.
  • ONE COMPLETE CAPSULE. Culturelle Pro-Well 3-in-1 Complete is specially formulated to keep you feeling active, healthy and like your best self.* It comes in a convenient one-per-day capsule so it's easy to incorporate into your daily wellness plan.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – The LGG probiotic strain in Culturelle is the #1 most clinically studied strain of probiotic.

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Culturelle Pro-Well 3-in-1 Complete Probiotic Plus Omega 3's - 30 count