• An all purpose cleaner with a multi-action formula that cuts through grease, removes lime scale, helps remove stains and features an irresistible fragrances
  • MULTI-ACTION FORMULA: Contains two additional active ingredients for a deeper clean 
  • SURFACE CLEANER & FLOOR CLEANER: Cleans floors, walls, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and almost every hard surface in your home—do not use as a wood cleaner
  • COOL MIST FRAGRANCE: A cleaner for almost every hard surface with our irresistible Cool Mist fragrance
  • EASY TO USE: Easy-to-pour bottle
  • TO USE AS A FLOOR CLEANER: Mix 1/4 cup in a gallon of room temperature water then use with mops for floor cleaning
  • TO USE IN BATHROOMS & ON WALLS: Use on sponge and clean—great for use as a toilet cleaner, shower cleaner or bathtub cleaner
  • TO REMOVE GREASE & STAINS: Pour directly on a sponge to better remove grease on hard, nonporous surfaces; For better stain removal, mix product with water


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Fabuloso, Complete Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Cool Mist, 48 Fl Oz., 1 Bottle ***