• 16-fluid ounce bottle of Listerine Healthy White Restoring Fluoride Mouthwash combines the power of an anticavity mouthwash with the stain-removing properties of a teeth whitener for a healthy, bright smile
  • Whitening mouthwash safely removes stains from teeth when used regularly for a bright, healthy smile
  • Rebuilds 2x stronger enamel vs brushing alone, according to a lab study, for stronger teeth versus brushing alone. Anticavity mouthwash is made with fluoride to help prevent cavities and tooth decay
  • Mouthwash with a refreshing mint flavor cleans your entire mouth and kills bad breath germs
  • Incorporate this fluoride mouthwash into your daily oral care routine by rinsing for 60 seconds twice per day in the morning and evening
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    Listerine Healthy White Restoring Anticavity Mouthrinse, Clean Mint -16 Oz