• Stops Bleeding. NasalCEASEs natural fiber releases calcium, a clotting factor, upon contact with blood. The calcium accelerates the clotting process.
  • Easy. For nosebleeds simply insert a NasalCEASE sterile packing into the bleeding nasal cavity and remove after thirty minutes. For cuts or wounds, place it directly on the bleeding wound and apply pressure with two fingers until bleeding has stopped. The unique fiber of each sterile packing is highly absorbent.
  • Painless. Unlike some blood clotting products, NasalCEASE works without stinging or irritating the affected area.
  • No Re-Bleeds. NasalCEASE does not stick to or disturb the wound upon removal. New clots are not torn, triggering new bleeding.
  • All-Natural. NasalCEASE is the natural based bio-polymer calcium alginate. NasalCEASE has no known side effects or medication contraindications, and is suitable for all ages.
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NasalCEASE First Aid for Cuts and Nosebleeds, 5-Count