• REPAIR AND HYDRATE: repair dry, damaged, brittle tresses; this extra powerful formula with argan oil of Morocco and silk proteins helps to hydrate hair and lock in moisture to give hair a second chance at silky perfection; strengthens and softens your hair
  • SOFT, SEDUCTIVE, SILKY: this potent blend with argan oil of Morocco plus silk proteins helps to repair even the most severely dry, damaged strands, drenghing them with hydration and helping to strengthen from within; discover soft, seductive, silky tresses
  • HOW TO USE: shampoo, then apply conditioner generously to hair, working through to ends; leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse hair thoroughly; with OGX Hydrate + Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strenght Conditioner, you're good to grow longer & stronger
  • BEAUTY, PURE AND SIMPLE: induge your hair the way nature intended with OGX's commitment to sustainable ingredients; we'll never ask what you want to fix about your hair, we just want to know what you love about it, so that we can make you love it even more
  • ROCK WHAT YOU GOT: the hair you have makes you, you; be proud of those unique locks; here at OGX, unattainable looks don't inspire us but originality does, that's why we love being different; we approach beauty in our own way, and we hope that you will too
  • Powerful blend of argan oil of Morocco
  • Repairs and strengthens
  • Soft, silky finish
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OGX Extra Strength Hydrate & Repair + Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner, 13 Fl Oz.