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  • Simple & effective: Prelief acid reducer is a dietary supplement that works on the food itself, not on the body, so it's safe, effective, and has no known side effects; try it and feel the difference
  • Reduce acid: Prelief acid reducer safely & effectively reduces the acid from foods and beverages
  • Acid reduction: Calcium Glycerophosphate reduces the acid by upto 95 percent in your favorite foods and beverages; Works on the food, not on you
  • Drug free: A good source of calcium, prelief can be taken as often as you think you will need it; Taking 2 to 3 prelief caplets with your food or drink can reduce the acid and minimize discomfort
  • Worry free dining: Coffee, wine, pizza, fruit juice & tomato sauce are highly acidic and may trigger discomfort; with prelief, enjoy your favorite acidic foods without the discomfort
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Prelief Acid Reducer Caplets - 120 Count
1499 1698