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  • FIGHT FUNGUS: ProClearz Fungal Shield contains tolnaftate, the only active ingredient clinically proven to cure & prevent fungal infections of the toes, including skin around, adjacent to, & under nails.
  • TREAT & PREVENT: Our maximum strength antifungal formula helps prevent athlete's foot & other fungal infections from reoccurring while relieving the scaling, burning, & redness associated with nail fungus.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Convenient brush-on applicator helps deliver anti-fungal tolnaftate to skin areas around & under nails. The safe & effective clear formula dries quickly without unpleasant odors.
  • CARE FOR YOUR FEET: Our products are thoughtfully designed to help offer relief from foot pain, whether from injury, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe, blisters, or unsupported or flat arches.
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ProClearz Fungal Shield Maximum Strength Antifungal Liquid, 1 Ounce
679 815