• COMFORT SORE FEET: Get the soothing, natural relief of an Epsom salt bath in an easy-to-use gel. Aloe Vera helps to comfort & hydrate feet while Epsom Salt eases pain, tension, aching, & swelling.
  • RELIEVE AND PREVENT PAIN NATURALLY: Ultra Concentrated Soothing Treatment for tired, achy feet. Contains 83% Aloe Vera and 30+ applications, many more uses vs typical Epsom Salt bag. Use anytime to help feet stay healthy.
  • GO BEYOND MOISTURIZING: Bring relief to feet instantly without a soak! Our Epsom Salt Foot Gel offers on-the-go therapy for sore, swollen, achy feet. Peppermint & wintergreen extract cool & revive.
  • CARE FOR YOUR FEET: Our products are thoughtfully designed to help offer relief from foot pain, whether from injury, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe, blisters or unsupported or flat arches.
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ProFoot Epsom Salt Foot Gel, 4 Ounce