• TEETH GRINDING MOUTH GUARD: Protect your teeth from damage caused by nighttime teeth grinding with the new SleepRight ProRx sleep mouth guard.
  • STRONG: The durable core is an expansion upon the current bite pad technology used in the SleepRight No-Boil Dura-Comfort Dental Guard. One can now expect to get the benefit of a much longer lasting dental guard in a custom, form fitting guard.
  • USES LOW TEMPERATURE: The dental guard is made from a moldable thermoplastic material that softens at a low temperature (140 F), which decreases the risk for burns. The average competitor custom moldable dental guard uses boiling water (212 F).
  • FAST FORMING: The dental guard is quickly fitted by gently pushing the warmed thermoplastic material around the teeth. This method of fitting offers a secure-fitting, ultra-thin, custom dental guard.
  • PERFECT FIT: Unlike other dental guards, the SleepRight ProRx has built-in fitting features so you can expect a perfect fit the first time.
Qty available:99
SleepRight ProRx Custom Fit Dental Guard