• A NOTE ON ZINC: These lozenges are designed to help with mouth dryness and halitosis. Each lozenge is supplemented with 3mg of zinc for this specific purpose. Any use outside of this indication is at the user’s discretion. We do not claim or suggest any additional benefit.
  • SOOTHES DRY MOUTH SYMPTOMS INSTANTLY: The proprietary blend of natural flavors and healthy ingredients acts quickly to relieve symptoms associated with dry mouth. It also helps to relieve symptoms associated with Sjögren’s Syndrome.
  • ENHANCE SALIVA PRODUCTION: TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges increase and enhance the natural production of saliva, which reduces the symptoms that can cause dry mouth.
  • NATURAL LOZENGES: Dr. Katz’s dentist-formulated dry mouth lozenges are sugar-free, but are instead sweetened by xylitol, a natural sweetener with proven oral health benefits. There are no artificial flavors or colors and they are certified kosher.
  • QUICK ACTING RELIEF: TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges are incredibly effective at relieving dry mouth symptoms. The natural tingle lets you know that it’s working, without any discomfort.
    Qty available:100
    TheraBreath Dry Mouth Zinc Lozenges, Mandarin Mint Flavor, 100 Lozenges