• Vicks Starry Night Humidifier: This Cool Moisture Humidifier Uses an Antimicrobial Filter & Is Great for Kids Bedrooms. Humidifier Adds Moisture to the Air to Help You or Your Child Sleep Easily, & Moving Stars Light Up the Ceiling With a Comforting
  • Vicks Humidifiers for Kids, Adults: Humidifier Diffuses 95% Bacteria Free Mist Into the Air. Many Women and Men Find That a Humidifier for the Bedroom Becomes an Essential Part of a Good Night’s Sleep When the Air Is Dry, in Allergy Season, or When Sick
  • Cough & Congestion Relief: When you or your kid has a cold, it can be difficult to sleep through the night. Humidifiers, vaporizers, & steam inhalers provide temporary relief from coughing & congestion, so your rest won't be as disturbed by coughing fits
  • Vicks Vaporizers, Humidifiers, & Steam Inhalers: Moisture & humidity offer temporary relief from cough & congestion due to colds or allergies. Vicks line of humidifiers & steam inhalers, help you breathe easier wherever you are, from the bedroom to office.
  • Humidifiers for Bedrooms, Desks, Tables: Our Humidifiers & Vaporizers Help You Breathe Better Wherever You are.
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