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  • Visine A.C. Itchy Eye Relief Astringent Eye Drops with zinc sulfate and tetrahydrozoline HCl
  • Specially formulated with an astringent & redness reliever for multi-symptom eye relief
  • These eye drops effectively relieve red, itchy, watery eyes using two main active ingredients
  • Active ingredient tetrahydrozoline HCl is a redness reliever designed to provide red eye relief
  • Also contains the astringent zinc sulfate to relieve eye redness caused by minor irritations
  • The small size fits conveniently in a purse, pocket, backpack or desk for symptom relief on-the-go
  • Visine is backed by 60 years of science and expertise
  • For use, put one to two astringent eye drops in the affected eye up to four times daily
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Visine A.C. Itchy Eye Relief Drops, 0.5 Fl. oz
539 809